Huge Jackpot Win at the Online Casinos

In the past few years, internet has changed many things and playing casino games is one of them. People love playing online casino games, mainly because they can play it from the ease of their home. Apart from that after COVID-19 pandemic hit, most people cannot go out of their home and this is a good way to spend time while winning handsomely.

Wining a jackpot is not something that happens every day, but these were some big Wins and here are few of them.

$20million Jackpot at Mega Moolah

The first jackpot of this year was won on January 30, 2020 that amounted to $20,057,734. The player won it by playing Mega Moolah Slot that is one of the most popular slots on the internet. The player won it player at This slot game from Micro gaming comes with 5 reels and twenty-five pay lines. There are regular symbol along with scatter and wild symbol. You will get chance to win free spin as bonus. The winner must have hit his/her big win during any of the spins. However, since the jackpot is not activated during the free spins, the winner must have hit it during regular play. The gaming company took much time to reveal details so that the winner does not become prey to criminals.

14 Million jackpot at Lucky Casino

This lucky winner becomes lucky while playing at the Swedish online casino Lucky Casino. This incident occurred on August 17, 2020 when an amount of €14,239,532.84 was won. This is the most rewarding win at Sweden in terms of online casinos. In order to win real money online instantly the player was playing Mega Moolah by Microgaming at the platform of Lucky casino. Microgaming has to check all the credentials of the players and the bets they had placed. After checking everything they informed the winner that they have won the jackpot amount. Apart from Mega Mollah Lucky Casino have many other online games for players.

$13 Million Jackpot again at Mega Moolah

The next big win at online casino again happened at the same Canadian online casino The jackpot amounted to $12,945,603 and again the game from which the jackpot was won is Mega Moolah from Microgaming. The exact date of this win is not mentioned clearly but this is the third highest jackpot win at any online casino this year.

Fourth Winner of $3.5 Million

While the online casino world was over excited with these big wins there was news of a win of $3,542,363. This happened on the same day of the third casino win but not on the same platform. This time the slot machine was Mega Fortune Dream by NetEnt.

Players were lucky who won at the best paying pokie machines while playing at online casino. There are different set of rules that a player need to follow but after that when they hit the big jackpot, it’s really worth the time and money they have spent.

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