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  13 May to 18 May ,2012 (Sunday to
  The Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics
  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition

Tour At A GLANCE ( Download Application Form )

1 Cultural and Heritage Tour

  • 1.1 Victoria City (Central) Historical Walk
    When the British first came, they settled in the Central District area and named it 'Victoria City'. This walking tour will take you explore the colonial heritage, and the early East Meets West tradition in Hong Kong. The tour will start with Man Mo Temple, a declared monument in Hong Kong which functioned as the 'Court of Justice' for the Chinese. Walk along the Hollywood Road, the second road built by the British in Hong Kong, where you'll see a clusters of antique shops, merchants who were attracted to the outskirt of the Victoria City for business with the Europeans, until we'll see the old Supreme Court and the Victoria Prison, the outskirt of what is called 'Government Hill' during the early colonial times. Explore landmarks of the Victoria City: Legislative Council, Statue Square, Court of Final Appeal, St John's Cathedral and the Flagstaff House. The final stop is the Pacific Place Shopping Mall, where you can take the bus back to the HKCEC.
    Minimum group size: 10
    Cost: USD35.00/person
    Duration: Half Day (around 4 hours)

  • 1.2 Six Days War of 1899 and Heritage of the New Territories
    Find out the 'Six Days War of 1899' in the New Territories, the combat between the local villagers and the British colonialists. Make a first stop at the Man Mo Temple in Tai Po, when the British faced the first sign of conflict with the local villagers. Continue the tour to Lam Tsuen, where there are shrines worshipping local heroes who died in the war and those who lost their lives in the inter-village wars at Lam Tsuen Plain. The final stop is the Tang Clan village in Ping Shan, who was one of the most powerful village clans who settled in Hong Kong since the early 12th century, and one of the fiercest opposition leading the Six Days War which the British faced in 1899. Although the British had much superior weapons, they were astonished by the display of clever tactics of the local villagers. The Governor Sir Henry Blake eventually had to make peace with the local villagers by a personal visit, as affirmation of the Tang's clan social elite status in the New Territories. We'll also explore the village, where they have their own ancestral hall, temple, study hall for a better idea about the heritage and tradition of the local villager culture.
    Minimum group size: 10
    Cost: USD100.00/person
    Duration: Full day (around 7 hours) with lunch

2 Shopping and Beauty
    Market Walk in Mongkok
    Transfer to Mongkok and visit the Bird Market catering to bird lovers. Next to the Bird Garden is the Flower Market, with a plethora of tropical plants and flowers. Continue the exploration to the Goldfish Market, with shops and aquariums displaying a wide variety of species. Stroll along the Fa Yuen Street Market, an outdoor market with bargain priced casual wear and fashion before making a final stop at a foot massage parlour for a relaxing foot massage session.
    Minimum group size: 10
    Cost: USD85.00/person
    Duration: Half day (5 hours)

3. Explore daily life of the locals
  • Transfer to Star Street and take a walk along Queen's Road East. The Road was built in 1840's connecting the eastern and western part of Hong Kong, and a walk along Queen's Road East will give you a glimpse of the life of the local Chinese in the last century, where there are typical Chinese style pre-war buildings, local temples for daily worship as well as local markets. You'll pass through Hung Shing Temple, a Grade 1 Historical Building built in 1847, before reaching the Former Wanchai Post Office a declared Monument constructed in 1915; the Blue House, a typical Cantonese style architecture; and the Pak Tai Temple, another Grade 1 Historical Building with various statues and 'Shi Wan' pottery roof exhibits telling stories from the Cantonese opera. We'll pass through the Tai Yuan Street Open Market, where the locals do their daily purchase and make the final stop at the Pawn, another historical building with a deep verandah design typical in Hong Kong in the early 20th century occupied by a pawn shop. Transfer to a local restaurant for a dim sum lunch, followed by a cooking class. The class will teach you how to do three different types of dim sum: steamed pork dumpling (Siu Mai), Shrimp dumpling and spring roll. Return to HKCEC after the tour.
    Minimum group size: 10
    Quotation: USD96.00/person
    Duration: Full day (around 6 hours) with lunch

4 The Great Outdoor: Explore Cheung Chau with Dr M Williams, BBC Reporter and writer
  • Cheung Chau is only 30 min ride by ferry from the city, but is a world away from the concrete high-rises and noises. There is no vehicle on the island except the police car and ambulances, and the only way to explore the island is on foot. The island retains ambience of a South China fishing village. You'll be greeted by Dr Williams, a BBC reporter and writer based in Hong Kong and he will personally take you to visit local temples the Pak Tei (North King) Temple and the Tin Hou (Goddess of the Sea) Temple, stroll along the streets and the markets where there are small handicraft shops and stores selling 'home-made' dried seafood, explore the caves which are believed to be occupied by legendary sea pirates, and take a leisure walk to the coastlines to see the rocks, tiny inlet and beaches, before a seafood lunch in a local restaurant. Return to the city after lunch.
    Minimum group size: 10
    Quotation: USD120.00/person
    Duration: Full day (around 7 hours) with lunch

5. One day tour to the Historical Centre of Macau
  • The Historical Centre of Macau, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a unique testimony to East meets West in terms of architectural and cultural development. The arrival of Portuguese changed the skyline of this small Chinese port with churches, fortresses, cobbled stone squares while the Chinese community also retain their own tradition and belief with their temples and markets. You'll explore this UNESCO site, visiting the Senado Square, Ruins of St Paul, St Dominic's Church, Mount Fortress and A Ma Temple. Enjoy a Portuguese lunch before returning to Hong Kong by ferry.
    Minimum group size: 10
    Quotation: USD120.00/person (inclusive of round trip ferry tickets)
    Duration: Full day (around 8 hours) with lunch

    1. A minimum of 10 persons are required to operate the tours.
    2. All pick up and drop off points are arranged at the HKCEC.
    3. Tours are inclusive of transfer, and English speaking guide service.








Victoria City (Central) Historical Walk

13 May 2012

16 May 2012

1400 hrs 0900 hrs

USD35.00/ HKD273.00

Lunch not included


Six Days War of 1899 and Heritage of the New Territories

13 May 2012

15 May 2012

0900 hrs 0900 hrs

USD100.00/ HKD780.00

Lunch included


Shopping and Beauty

14 May 2012

17 May 2012

0930 hrs 0930 hrs

USD85.00/ HKD621.00

Lunch not included


Explore daily life of the locals

13 May 2012

17 May 2012

0930 hrs 1400 hrs

USD96.00/ HKD750.00

Lunch included


Explore Cheung Chau with Dr M Williams, BBC Reporter / Writer

14 May 2012

18 May 2012

0845 hrs 0845 hrs

USD120.00/ HKD936.00

Lunch included


Historical Centre of Macau

16 May 2012

18 May 2012

0830 hrs 0830 hrs

USD120.00/ HKD936.00

Lunch included


1. Seats are limited due to limitation of venue (cooking class, foot reflexology centre etc.) Booking will be closed once maximum capacity is achieved. Please book early in advance to confirm your seats.

2. A minimum of 10 pax is required to operate the tour. If in case the tour is cancelled due to insufficient group size, full refund (without penalty) will be made to the payee account.

3. All tours will be picked up at Harbour Road Entrance of the HKCEC.

4. Tours are conducted in English.  Separate Mandarin speaking tours can be arranged if there are more than 10 persons in the same tour requesting the tour to be conducted in Mandarin.



1. By mail: please complete the form and send it to official travel agent Momentous Asia Travel & Events Company Limited. Address: Room 5, 12/F, Block A, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping Street, Shatin, Hong Kong.

2. By fax/e-mail: please fax/e-mail the completed form to: +852 2369 2060 /

3. To book on line with payment by credit card (VISA/Master), please visit the following link: (to be provided in due course)

4. Enquiries / Contacts for Conference Secretariat Tel: +852 2369 2090   Fax: +852 2369 2060 E-mail: A confirmation and an official receipt will be forwarded to you once confirmed.    For tour day tour to Macau, most nationals enjoy visa free visit. Please visit Macau Immigration Service website: or contact us if you have any questions.



1. Tour booking are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. On line tour booking by credit card (VISA/Master) is applicable. Please go to Acoustics 2012 website under ‘Tour’.

3. For booking enquiry, please e-mail to

4. All payment should be made in USD



Full payment must be made.    Partial payment and purchase orders for future payment will not be accepted. If you make payment by telegraphic transfer, your booking will be regarded as complete only when we have received full payment for your transfer.



Cancellation requests must be made in writing to Momentous Asia Travel & Events Co. Ltd, address: Room 5, 12/F Block A, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping Street, Shatin, Hong Kong or fax: +852 2369 2060. The following cancellation policy applies:


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